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The Culpeper County Sheriff's Office is an accredited law enforcement agency.


State accreditation is the best measure of an agency’s compliance with professional law enforcement standards, as determined by the Virginia Law Enforcement Professional Standards Commission. The Commission consists of Virginia sheriffs and police chiefs selected for their expertise and knowledge. Adherence to an acknowledged body of professional standards may help protect an agency against a variety of potential liability problems.


The Virginia Law Enforcement Professional Standards Commission provides law enforcement agencies in Virginia an avenue for demonstrating that they meet commonly accepted standards for the efficient and effective operation of that agency. It is recognized that the standards included in the program do not reflect the maximum amount that can be done by an agency in any one area. They are also not minimum standards.


Law enforcement executives that choose to have their agencies accredited under this voluntary program will have examined all aspects of their operation. They will have made conscience decisions about policies and procedures that fit the law enforcement requirements of their jurisdictions and will have implemented those policies and trained their employees in their use.


Accreditation does not reflect that one law enforcement agency provides better law enforcement services to its community than that of a non-accredited agency. What it does reflect is that the accredited agency was carefully measured against an established set of standards and has met or exceeded accepted practices in the field of law enforcement.

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