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Concealed Handgun Permit


  • Any person 21 years of age or older may apply in writing to the Clerk of Circuit Court in the county in which the person resides, or if the person is a member of the United States Armed Forces, the county or city in which the person is domiciled, for a permit to carry a concealed handgun. 

  • Concealed Handgun Permit Application (Form SP-248) is available at this link.

  • Please carefully review your application so that it is not delayed or denied because of incomplete information.

  • Fingerprint card is not required. 

  • You must submit the application in person. When you have your application confirmed by the clerk, you must have some form of government issued photo identification such as a driver's license or military ID. 

  • Listing your Social Security number on the application is optional. 

  • You are required to demonstrate competence with a handgun pursuant to Virginia Code § 18.2-308.02 (B).  

  • Include $50.00 with your application. ONLY cash, check or money order payable to "Clerk of Circuit Court." is accepted.  

  • The completed application and $50.00 should be submitted to: Clerk of Circuit Court, 135 West Cameron Street, Culpeper, Virginia 22701.

  • A decision will be made within 45 days of receipt of application. The permit or notice of denial will be mailed to you.

  • Please notify the Clerk of Circuit Court immediately if your permit is not correct. Immediately sign the permit.   

  • The permit can be laminated. Please sign the permit prior to laminating it.

  • There will be NO REFUNDS. 


  • Application and payment is received in Clerk’s Office.

  • Application is sent by Clerk’s Office to the Sheriff's Office for a background check.

  • When the background check has been completed and there are no "red flags", the application is then sent to the Commonwealth's Attorney and then back to the Clerk of the Circuit Court and a card will be mailed to you.  

  • If there is a problem with the application, the Clerk's Office sends the application to Judges' Chambers. 

  • The applicant may be contacted by a Law Clerk. If the Court denies the permit, the applicant will receive notice, including instructions on how to appeal, in the mail.  If it is approved, the applicant will receive the permit in the mail. Please include an optional self-addressed stamped envelope. 



Applications for permit renewal should be submitted at least 90 days (but not more than 180 days) prior to expiration of your current permit. You must provide:


If your permit is lost or stolen you may submit a Request for Duplicate Permit. This form must be signed in front of a notary or a deputy clerk. There is a fee of $5.00 to reissue a lost or stolen permit. Make your check payable to "Clerk of Circuit Court."


Pursuant to Virginia Code § 18.2-308.06, Instructions for non-resident applications, other than military personnel domiciled in Culpeper County, are available from the Virginia State Police. Application is made to the Virginia State Police.



If you change your name or address, you must submit a Change of Name or Address for Concealed Handgun Permit. If you move to another county, but received your permit from Culpeper County, you would file the Request in Culpeper County. 
Submit the form to the Circuit Court Clerk’s Office,135 West Cameron Street, Culpeper, Virginia 22701.

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