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The Culpeper County Sheriff’s Office does its best to recognize employees who provide exemplary service. Community members, or visitors to Culpeper, who have had a positive experience with a Culpeper County Deputy Sheriff or civilian employee are invited to share their positive experiences. Please consider submitting a commendation on the agency’s compliment and complaint form.


Sometimes, however, individuals may feel that a member of the Culpeper County Sheriff’s Office failed to meet the agency’s high standards. In these situations, individuals may file a formal citizen’s complaint. These reports can also be submitted on the agency’s compliment and complaint form.

The Culpeper County Sheriff’s Office aggressively investigates all allegations or complaints filed against deputies or other employees of the agency. The purpose of an investigation is to determine and examine all the facts and circumstances relevant to the incident in question. In the event that such allegations are sustained as a result of an investigation, appropriate actions will be taken to prevent future occurrences.

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