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Inmate Mail Services

Inmates will not be limited on the volume of mail sent or received, nor the length, language, content or source of such letter mail, except where there is a clear and convincing evidence to justify such limitation.

All incoming mail will be delivered to inmates within 24 hours of receipt. If the inmate is no longer incarcerated, all first-class incoming mail will be promptly forwarded or returned to sender. Incoming inmate mail will be opened and checked for contraband in front of the inmate. Any money orders received will be applied to the inmate’s account and a receipt will be issued to the inmate for all funds received. If mail contraband is seized, notice of the seizure will be given to the inmate, jail records, and the sender together with the reason for the seizure. Unless it is needed for a criminal investigation or prosecution, property which can be legally possessed outside of the facility shall be stored, returned to sender, or destroyed. If stored, the inmate will have seven days to release the property after filling out a property release form. All mail should be able to fit in two 11x13 envelopes. All other mail will be placed in property to be picked up.

All outgoing mail will be picked up at 09:00 am and 09:00 pm from the inmates. Each envelope will be checked to see that every piece is sealed, has a return address, and carries correct postage and proper inmate name. No mail will be picked up if it has drawings or anything else besides an inmate name, with a return address and address to be mailed to, with the recipient’s name on it. Each outgoing envelope shall be stamped “Culpeper County Jail” on the back of the envelope by a deputy. Mail carrying postage will go out from the Booking Desk to the postman on the same day during the morning hours if it is picked up from the inmate, except Sundays and holidays.

The address on the envelope shall be:


Facility Name (Culpeper County Jail)

Inmate Name, Inmate ID Number 

Facility ID: 5300

P.O. Box 18247

Greensboro, NC 27419

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