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Inmate Money & Property

Commissary is available for the purpose of providing inmates with items that are not provided by the Culpeper County Jail. In order to be eligible for commissary, an inmate must have a minimum of $1.00 in his/her account. By utilizing the kiosk or to have funds placed in an inmate account, funds are automatically placed in the account by electronic means. Funds are accepted through the mail in the form of a money order or may be placed in an account by utilizing the kiosk located in the Culpeper County Jail Lobby. The kiosk accepts cash, debit and credit cards. Money may also be placed in an inmate account by utilizing and clicking the "SEND MONEY NOW" option and having an access account set-up. This will guide whoever is placing money in the account through the process. Money for commissary is deducted from the inmates account at the time the order is placed. When commissary is dispensed, each inmate will check his/her order, sign for it and be given a receipt. A maximum of $150.00 may be ordered each week. Commissary is ordered by the inmate by using the inmate telephone system. This system allows the inmate to access his/her account balance and order the items he/she so chooses. This system clearly guides the inmate through the process. Inmates may not have more than $2000.00 in their inmate account.

Deputies no longer accept money orders at the jail lobby window. Money orders  addressed to inmates may be sent to 131 W. Cameron Street, Culpeper, VA 22701. There is a $3.50 fee for each cash transaction at the kiosk and a tiered fee system for credit and debit card transactions.

 Property that may be retained while confined in jail:


  1. Eyeglasses, hearing aids, etc…

  2. Addresses and telephone numbers

  3. Approved photographs

    1. Must be non-pornographic/provocative in nature

    2. Must be non-Polaroid type

    3. May not exceed 15 pictures in possession

  4. Writing materials

    1. Flex pen

    2. Stationary

    3. Stamps

    4. Envelopes

  5. Legal Materials

    1. Not to exceed three (3) 11X13 envelopes

  6. Religious  and other reading materials

    1. Bible (limit 2)

    2. Two (2) hard cover books

    3. Two (2) paperback books

    4. Two (2) magazines

  7. Personal Hygiene items (if coming from another facility)

    1. Comb (handle less)

    2. Hairbrush (handle less)

    3. Soap (unopened)

    4. Toothpaste (unopened or in clear container)

    5. Shampoo (if in clear container)

    6. Any item not listed above, or opened, will be placed in the inmate’s property storage.

  8. Jewelry

    1. Medical alert bracelet

    2. Wedding band (only if there are no stones present)

  9. Radio and ear buds clear in color (AM/FM only, no metal antenna or cassette).

  10. Shoes (soft toe only). Exception: Outside worker may have steel/fiberglass toe boots, but they will remain in the Sally Port of the facility


NOTE: Inmates are not permitted any more personal property than can be held in an issued storage container. All items exceeding the limit described above shall be held in property storage until the inmate’s released, transferred or can be released to the inmate’s family member or friend after filling out a property release form. Inmates will only be allowed to keep one (1) change of clothing (1) pant, (1) shirt, and (1) coat in property storage. Once the person listed on the property release form has been notified, they will have seven (7) calendar days to collect the property. If the property has not been collected in that time period, the items will be destroyed.

Release of Funds by an Inmate:

An inmate possessing sufficient funds in their account may release funds to help themselves bond out of jail only. Funds will not be transferred from one inmate to another. If approved by the Chief Jailor and/or their designee, other requests may be honored.


Release, Transfer, Disposition of Personal Property:

Personal property held in the storage of the Culpeper Jail must be picked up within seven days of an inmate’s booking, release and/or transfer. Once booked into the jail, the only property allowed to be stored is one set of clothing, I.D., wallet, purse, etc. All other items will need to be picked up by someone of the inmate’s choosing. A property release form must be requested in order for property to be released. If items accrue in storage, the inmate will be notified to have someone pick the items up, or they will be destroyed or donated. Items will have to be picked up within 7 days of the property release form. A deputy will notify the person that the inmate has chosen to release their property and for them to pick up the property as requested.

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