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Inmate Telephone Service:

After the booking process is completed, the inmate will be given a telephone I.D. and pin number. You must set your Jail telephone account up when you use your pin for the first time. Inmates will be given two phone calls. If inmate does not utilize their time while at booking to make their phone calls, the jail staff will see this as a refusal to use the phone for their initial calls. This will be logged in your initial booking notes. When dialing telephone numbers, make sure to include the area code.

The Culpeper County  Jail currently utilizes Paytel for inmate calling and messaging purposes. 

Inmates can transfer funds from their commissary account to their phone account at Culpeper County Jail, or families can set up a prepaid account via Paytel directly. 

To set up a Prepaid Account via Paytel, you can visit their website at or call 1-800-PAY-TELL (1-800-729-8355).


Current Rates:

Inmate Calling Rate is $0.15 per minute

inteleMessage Rate is $0.25 per message


An inmate telephone service has been installed at the Culpeper County Jail for inmate telephone calls. Individual inmates housed in the jail will have access to this service between the hours of 09:00am to 11:00pm, except when jail is locked down for meals, shift count, etc. In order for telephones to be on, all cell doors, jumpsuits, and entire block needs to be clean.


Inmates abusing the telephones installed within each housing unit will be subject to disciplinary actions and/or may result in losing the telephones for their block. All outgoing calls made by an inmate through the inmate telephone service will amount to a toll charge call to the receiving party, or prepaid. All inmate telephone calls made will be operator assisted. No incoming calls or direct dial calls will be permitted. Inmates housed where there is no telephone, will request to use the telephone by notifying a deputy and/or by request form. Inmates that are only on cell restriction will have the opportunity to use the telephone from 0700am – 0715 am, Monday thru Friday. At 07:15 am, the telephone will be shut off.

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