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Neighborhood Watch

Neighborhood Watch is a program where neighbors of a particular community join together with the Sheriff’s Office to assist in the reporting of any criminal activity. Neighborhood Watch participants normally operate during hours when criminal activity is most likely to occur. If criminal activity is observed, members of the program are required to immediately notify the Sheriff’s Office and are not permitted to intervene.

A Deputy Sheriff patrolling your neighborhood may not recognize a stranger in your yard but your neighbor will. Neighbors know who you are and the type of vehicle you drive. They may be the first to notice an unfamiliar face at your window or door, or a strange car in your driveway. For this reason, the Neighborhood Watch Program can be a very effective tool in assisting law enforcement in keeping your community safe.


All Neighborhood Watch programs share one fundamental idea which is to bring community members together to reestablish control of their neighborhoods and promote an increased quality of life while at the same time helping to reduce the crime rate in that particular area.


The reason for this effectiveness is rather simple: Involving community members in Neighborhood Watch Programs decreases the opportunity for criminals to commit crime.

For more information on Neighborhood Watch contact: Captain Bernie Feaganes at


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