January 16, 2018

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What is a Sheriff?

January 16, 2018

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Nearly 83,000 People Visit the Culpeper County Courthouse Every Year – and We Screen Them All

May 24, 2018



One of the statutory duties of the Culpeper County Sheriff’s Office is to provide security at the Culpeper County Courthouse. Our court security deputies staff the metal detector and x-ray machine at the main entrance, provide courtroom security, respond to alarms, conduct perimeter patrols, move prisoners between the Culpeper County Jail and the courthouse holding cells, and transport prisoners between other jails and our courthouse when needed for a particular case. Depending on the court’s schedule or other special circumstances, our deputies may engage in other security activities as well.


In 2017, the Culpeper County Sheriff’s Office screened 82,987 visitors to our courthouse. These screenings help ensure a safe environment for parties, members of the public, and courthouse employees. Among other things, deputies are checking that items prohibited by the Code of Virginia are not brought into the courthouse. Anyone attempting to bring banned items into the courthouse will be refused entry. Depending on the item in question, other actions may also be taken.


The Sheriff’s Office K-9 units also conduct random courthouse sweeps. This is another step in helping to ensure the safety and security of all concerned. During these sweeps our K-9 officers are looking for drugs, explosives, weapons, and other contraband forbidden inside the courthouse. Every member of the public entering the courthouse is potentially subject to contact with one of our K-9s.


The safety and security of the courthouse employees, members of the public, and prisoners entering the courthouse is the primary concern of our court security deputies. We thank you for your understanding as we work to ensure that everyone visiting our courthouse can do so safely.