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Welcome to the Culpeper County Sheriff's Office!

This website will provide you with an overview of the various services and functions the Culpeper County Sheriff's Office performs, while also providing many resources and tools to assist the citizens of Culpeper County.

Sheriff Scott H. Jenkins

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Sheriff Scott H. Jenkins, a career law enforcement professional, has proudly served as Sheriff of Culpeper County, Virginia since 2012. Situated just 75 miles from the nation's capital, Culpeper County houses several key federal and private facilities, many of which require enhanced security.


Scott Jenkins is a recognized thought leader in the areas of Second Amendment rights, secure communities, constitutional government, and law enforcement. He is recognized for his no-nonsense but compassionate approach to law enforcement. His thought leadership in these areas has resulted in him being invited to the White House numerous times for briefings with the Executive Branch. He also speaks at local, state, and national conferences on these issues. He has numerous appearances on Fox News, local network affiliates of the major networks, international media, and digital media. Print stories on his principled stands have appeared in local, national, and international media.


In 2019 Scott made headlines by promising to deputize thousands of law-abiding citizens in the face of proposed unconstitutional gun control legislation. His principled stand, as well as his untiring commitment to protecting our Second Amendment, helped lead to the defeat of one of the most overreaching gun-control bills proposed by the Democrat Virginia legislature in the 2020 session. His fight for our God-given rights, as guaranteed by the Second Amendment, continues.


Scott Jenkins has held a number of supervisory and leadership positions throughout his career. He formed the first SWAT Team in Culpeper County, conducted the first active shooter training in Culpeper, and has served for years as a tactics and firearms instructor. Under his leadership, active shooter training has been provided to every public school employee in Culpeper County. The Culpeper Sheriff's Office provides free concealed carry training to thousands of law-abiding citizens.


Protecting his community always has been, and remains, Scott Jenkins' highest objective. Toward that end, he is pleased to have prevailed in several lawsuits brought by the ACLU and similar groups attacking his cooperation with the federal government in enforcing our nation's immigration laws. Scott does not back down from what he believes is right.

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Job Opportunity – Nurse  

Culpeper County Jail


The Culpeper Sheriff’s Office is now seeking applications for a State Certified Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN) to join our Jail’s Medical Division. Duties will include, but not be limited to, the following:


• Provide nursing services, treatments and diagnostic and preventive procedures appropriate for inmate care and safety.

• Analyze situations accurately and takes effective courses of action in a variety of specialized areas of nursing care and keeps accurate and complete medical records.

• Administer professional nursing care at sick call and accurately carries out physicians’ instructions.

• Efficiently and accurately administer prescribed medication to inmates.

• Provide emergency first aid care, applies surgical dressings and bandages, checks and records vital signs, and instructs inmates concerning discharge planning.

• Observe signs and symptoms during sick call when physician is not present.

• Report reactions to treatments and medications as well as changes in the inmates emotional or physical condition, may instruct and supervise correctional staff concerning inmate health care and needs. 

• Efficiently and accurately complete medical paperwork regarding medication etc.

• Order supplies as needed and keep all supplies secure.

• Provide health care education for both inmates and correctional staff.


CLICK HERE to apply!